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Statement on the 2016 Election
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American Association of Blacks in Higher Education

Statement on the 2016 Election

Differences in political perspective between individuals and political parties are a healthy part of the American political process. The American Association of Blacks in Higher Education (AABHE) is non-partisan and respects the electorate’s choices of its public servants.

Still, this election was unique when the winning candidate for the highest position in the land has defamed Women, LGBTQ, Latino, Arabs, Muslims, Blacks and others. There is reasonable evidence that his words have encouraged a rash of insult and assault against members of these groups. Additionally, he has threatened to remove essential services and limit the civil rights of selected Americans. Finally, he appears to be moving forward without either addressing or ameliorating the social and political rancor that clearly were fed by his campaign.

These actions run contrary to the values, principles and ethical tenets of the AABHE, and we are professionally compelled to challenge them. The AABHE recommits itself to justice centered educational content, pedagogy and policies that support the continued development of an electorate that will resist oppression and bigotry, and support egalitarian, democratic and universally just social, political and legislative actions.

We offer ourselves as a resource for all who already support justice based education, knowledge production and applications to the critical needs of our society. Further, we offer ourselves to those who are only now choosing to develop into justice based citizens through education.

You may click here to download the statement.

Offering Black leadership, in service to all peoples,

Kenneth P. Monteiro, President

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