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2012 Doctoral Student National Conference Grant


The American Association of Blacks Higher Education (AABHE) announces the 2012 Doctoral Student National Conference Grant. The grant will enable the awardees to attend the 2012 National Conference, March 22-24, 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia. The Conference will provide networking opportunities with hundreds of professionals.

To be eligible for this grant, applicants must be a full-time doctoral student in a program leading to a teaching or administrative position in higher education; or the applicant's program of study and/or research emphasis must be aligned with or show some involvement in the African American community. The applicant should have completed all coursework related to the doctoral degree (ABD), and have completed all research to show tangible results. The applicant also may have recently completed the defense of the dissertation, thus may not be currently enrolled. Defense of the paper should have occurred within the past 6 months.

GRANT AWARD The award recipient will receive a $1,200 cash award, Conference registration, and a current year membership in AABHE. Second, third, and fourth place winners will receive a $600 cash award, Conference registration, and a current year membership in AABHE.

APPLICATION GUIDELINES To apply for the Doctoral Student Conference Grant mail or email a completed and signed Application Form, resume, a letter of recommendation from the dissertation chair or advisor certifying completion of research with tangible results, and a research statement (two page maximum) to the address below. Your research statement should describe your current research study (with results) and its implications for the African American Community or indicate your plans on becoming more involved in the community. All applications must be received by Friday, February 11, 2012. INCOMPLETE APPLICATION PACKETS WILL NOT BE REVIEWED. All applications must be signed. The award recipients will be notified by March 4, 2012.

OBLIGATION OF THE GRANT RECIPIENT The recipients of the grants are expected to attend the AABHE National Conference and participate in a formal presentation of their research.


2012 Doctoral Student Conferene Grant Application Cover Form: click here


Send completed application packets to:

Dr. Brenda Sanders Dédé

Associate Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

Director, Eagle Expectation Center

Interim Associate Provost


Clarion University of Pennsylvania

840 Wood Street

Clarion, Pennsylvania 16214

(814) 393-1838

FAX (814) 393-2707

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