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Guide for Research
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American Association of Blacks in Higher Education

Guide for Preparing the Research Statement

(Do not Exceed Two Pages)


Your research should be complete with tangible results of the study presented in your statement.


1. Problem/Purpose. What was/is being investigated? Why, when, where, and by whom was the research conducted?

2. Research Questions and/or hypotheses. What specific questions did the researcher attempt to answer? What hypotheses were tested?

3. Procedures. Who were the subjects? How many were there? How were they selected? What controls, if any, were used?

4. Data Collection. What tests, questionnaires, or other methods of data collection were used? How were they selected and administered?

5. Results. How were the data analyzed? What were the major findings?

6. Conclusions. What interpretations of the findings were made? What discussions, suggestions, or recommendations were made on the basis of the results?

Implications. What are the implications for the African American Community and/or Higher Education?


2012 Doctoral Student Conferene Grant Application Cover Form: click here 

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