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The American Association of Blacks in Higher Education (AABHE), a volunteer managed professional associations, is currently soliciting for experienced and qualified business entities to provide an array of services to support the operations and management of the organization.  There are five service areas for which proposals are being solicited:

1.    Administrative Office Services

2.    Financial Services

3.    Web and Social Media Management

4.    Marketing and Public Relations/Membership Support

5.    Annual Conference and Special Event Planning


Interested entities may submit a proposal for one or more of the solicited services described in the scope of work for each of the five service areas.    




The American Association of Blacks in Higher Education (AABHE) is the successor organization to the former Black Caucus (established in 1980).  The Black Caucus was established in response to concerns that AAHE’s conferences did not adequately address the educational issues of African Americans.   When AAHE closed its doors in 2005, the Black Caucus incorporated and became AABHE. 


The Association’s vision is to bethe premier organization to drive leadership development, access and vital issues concerning Blacks in higher education. In pursuing this vision, AABHE seeks to collaborate with other ethnic groups and organizations that have similar interests.”


Mission StatementThe American Association of Blacks in Higher Education pursues the educational and professional needs of Blacks in higher education with a focus on leadership, access and vital issues impacting students, faculty, staff, and administrators. AABHE also facilitates and provides opportunities for collaborating and networking among individuals, institutions, groups and agencies in higher education in the United States and Internationally.


Although the AABHE evolved from the AAHE Black Caucus, the direction has not changed.  The Association holds an annual National Conference on Blacks in Higher Education maintaining many of the programs and rituals established under the Black Caucus. The organization has an annual membership of approximately 150, with plans to double membership in the next two years.  The annual conference has drawn an average of 170 participants over the past few years.  To date over 100 doctoral students have participated in the Graduate Student Recognition initiative and nearly 300 participants have completed the Leadership and Mentoring Institute. Many have become scholars or administrators. Indeed, AABHE has a rich history of addressing Black issues in higher education on a national level and it will continue to be the voice for Blacks in higher education.




Five Service Area Needs

1.    Administrative Office Services

1.1.  Business Address (not a post office box) – physical location to receive mail and deliveries

1.2.  Dedicated phone number  with basic phone services (voice mail)

1.3.  Live receptionist to answer phone during normal business hours

1.4.  Receive and log mail


2.    Financial Services

2.1.  Accounting

2.1.1.    Prepare Annual Tax Return (Form 990)

2.2.  Bookkeeping

2.2.1.    Using AABHE’s financial management systems, log the receipt of payments  and other deposits

2.2.2.    Maintain general ledger of accounts

2.2.3.    Prepare checks for signature

2.2.4.    Reconcile bank statements

2.2.5.    Prepare monthly financial reports to AABHE’s financial officers.

2.3.  Audit of Financial Systems


3.    Web  and Social Media Management

3.1. Web content management (ongoing contractual need)

3.2. Web redesign (one time contractual need)

3.3. Social media monitoring -- Posting and tweeting notifications and alerts (i.e., events, relevant news highlights, laws and bills passing/revoked, etc.)


4.    Marketing and Public Relations/Membership Support

4.1.  Developing branding images/graphics for hard copy and electronic use

4.2.  Advisement on Media planning & buying

4.3.  Support AABHE’s strategy for promotion at other conferences (to be determined by AABHE)

4.4.  Identify and make recommendations to AABHE on additional opportunities for consumer promotions (i.e., membership benefit opportunities)

4.5.  Assist AABHE is the development and implementation of membership outreach plan

4.6.  Sponsorship development


5.    Conference/Event Planning

5.1.  Recommend hotel/venue for event

5.2.  Event logistics

5.3.  Coordination with conference committee




1.    Administrative Office Services

1.1.  Business Address (not a PO Box) where deliveries can be received

1.2.  Dedicated telephone number with live receptionist during business hours and voice mail capability for after hours

1.3.  Monthly log of mail and phone calls

2.    Financial Services

2.1.  Annual Form 990 filed with copies for board

2.2.  Monthly log of financial transactions

3.    Web and Social Media Management

3.1.  Web Redesign (layout, graphics, color, etc.)

3.2.  Not less than weekly social media posts

4.    Marketing and Public Relations/Membership Support

4.1.  Written marketing plan

4.2.  Monthly written reports on progress of plan implementation

4.3.  Branding materials (graphics)

5.    Annual Conference and Special Event Planning

5.1.  Recommendations for event venues to meet timelines established by AABHE based on dates of events

5.2.  Written status reports on event planning and logistics




Period of Performance:  The period of performance of on-going services shall be a 12 month period, renewable annually. 




Submitted proposals should contain the following:

·         Services entity proposes to provided

·         Quote indicating costs of providing specified services

·         Capability Statement – entity’s capability and experience providing the specified services, including selected examples of prior experience with information on contacts to able to verify experience and serve as references

The proposal/quote should not exceed 15 pages


Deadline March 17, 2017 or until filled

Submit Proposals to

Kenneth P. Monteiro, President

American Association of Blacks in Higher Education

c/o Office of the Dean, College of Ethnic Studies

1600 Holloway Avenue, EP121

San Francisco, CA 94111 



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